Why Us?



After 30 years of IT consulting nothing we see is new. Just different.



We update and adapt to keep in-sync with Microsoft. Unlike other partners.



Microsoft Online solutions cost less and deliver more. But not from everyone.



We learn from our past, deliver in the now, with an eye on the next.

Our History

Ground Zero for us was 1985 - the year Uniplex Business Software and Staffware were released. A fully integrated UNIX based word processor, spreadsheet, database, email and graphics product years before Microsoft Office appeared.

For 15 years we consulted, delivered and supported productivity and collaboration solutions to both public and private sector organisations running UNIX servers and green-screens. It was the release of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 with its dashboards that started the migration away from Uniplex. Over the next few years we re-engineered our solutions and created new ones to take advantage of the features and functionality in SharePoint and Exchange. When Microsoft Office Communications Server appeared in 2007 we added Instant Messaging and Conferencing capabilities
A year later Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) saw Microsoft dip their toes into 'The Cloud'. By 2010 it had morphed into Office 365 and when the 2013 updates were released it became a serious, device independent, Software As A Service platform that die-hard on-premises organisations could migrate to.
What next? Much, much more of the same. Never have Microsoft got new and updated products to the market so quickly. With the advent of Windows 10 this continuous release process is coming to the Operating System as well. Interesting times indeed....

Our Focus

ZiMovi Video Platform

We are experts in delivering ZiMovi Video solutions and manage your entire project from the start of the trial, configuration of your channel, uploading your videos, enhancing them with ZiMovi features, embedding them on your website through to support.

Office 365

We help you trial, justify, plan, deploy and support Office 365. Extend it with our range of productivity and collaboration solutions.

Dynamics 365

The #1 Online Sales Productivity Solution, now available on 99% of mobiles and tablets. Sales information when and where you need it, fully integrated with Office 365.



Most of the business challenges you face now were around when we started out in 1985. If you don't ask us....

Global View

We can work with you wherever you are based. The Microsoft Cloud allows us to deliver our solutions globally and for you to reach 7 billion customers.


"You never work alone". No matter how big your organisation, what you do involves communicating with others. Ensure you fully leverage all the features in Office 365.



UCOM LTD have consistently delivered high quality productivity and collaborations solutions for the last 30 years...”

Nigel Horncastle