Why Yorschool Assess?


Assessment without levels

Use the supplied Yorschool objectives, or define your own using any objectives you want.


Anywhere assessment

Enter pupil assessments from anywhere you have an internet connection. Most devices supported including iPad/iPhone, Windows and Android.


Simple subscription pricing

Straightforward £20/teacher/month subscription, with unlimited classes and pupils. Give 30 days notice if you want to unsubscribe.


Flexible reporting options

Choose between the built-in reports or develop your own using Microsoft Power BI. View on any device without printing.


We specialise in developing solutions for the Education marketplace that take advantage of the free and heavily discounted Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online plans. All faculty staff, teachers and pupils in United Kingdom schools and universities can have access to this software, so why not use it?

At Yorschool we give you the power to configure our solutions yourself, unlike other education targeted solutions that charge you expensive consultancy day rates for even the simplest changes. We have released a series of video tutorial and help files that show you in simple, easy to follow steps how to configure and use each of the major modules within each solution.

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