Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365

Why UCOM Ltd. and Microsoft Office 365?

If you listen to some presentations you might get the impression Office 365 is a new service; it isn't new to us! The month it was released in 2008 we were running trials for organisations in the UK and Ireland. In those days it was a 'cloud-only' solution, with no hybrid option or Single Sign On functionality. How things have changed.
Over the last seven years Microsoft have upgraded the Azure platform it runs on and increased the number of Office 365 data centres around the world. Whatever size your organisation is, there is an Office 365 Plan you can afford. If you are an Education or NfP organisation some plans are FREE or highly discounted. All plans include direct telephone and email support from Microsoft, OneDrive for Business and PowerBI licenses. You can mix and match plans to meet the requirements of your individual employees, the 'one size fits all' scenario of on-premises software licensing is over.

Better still, if you want to collaborate with people outside of your organisation, you do NOT need any additional licenses. Start a 30 day free trial by clicking on 'Learn More' below.


A range of plans, each with different features to suit individual users. No more paying for software you don't use. One size DOESN'T fit all!


Use Office 365 on PC/Mac desktops, Windows/iOS/Android mobiles and tablets. Works on ANY device via a supported browser, even LINUX.


Straight line OPEX, with no initial CAPEX on-premises investment. Monthly and yearly payment plans with 30 days notice of termination.


All plans include email and telephone 24x7 support direct from Microsoft.
No need to pay extra to a partner.